Monday, June 18, 2012

Sometimes, Mac Powell helps me with parenting...

I remember it like it was just yesterday...Sophie, my middle daughter, and I were in the kitchen baking.  Sophie was 2 years old, almost 3...and quite a cute little spitfire!  Sophie knew that she was right all of the time, and honestly, she was always a couple steps ahead of me.  During our cookie making adventure, Sophie had to put in EVERY ingredient herself, seriously...she did.  Making the cookies was taking twice as long as me doing it myself, and I did not care one bit!  I LOVE spending time with my kids, and to keep my sanity about getting things done around the house too, I usually just invite them to join me in whatever I am already doing at the time.

This particular day when Sophie was two, it was chocolate chip cookies.  One thing Sophie "knew better" than me were the lyrics to her favorite Third Day song which was playing over and over and over on the CD player; Sophie belted out, "you are bootiful, my sweep, sweep are bootiful, my sweep, sweep sog."  No matter how many times I tried to tell Sophie that God is a "sweet, sweet song" and not a "sweep, sweep sog," she sang her version even LOUDER!  When "You are Beautiful, My Sweet, Sweet Song" was written, I know Third Day had NO IDEA that the lyrics would be misinterpreted to stray off topic that much.  The thing is...we STILL talk about that day; Sophie still remembers the day we, just she and I (no big sister) made cookies while we belted out the words with Mac Powell!  

Memories don't have to be perfect to be worthy of remembering.  The cookies took longer to make than usual, and my kid was singing the wrong words to a song....but, it was a perfect memory.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My "not-so-lazy-days-of-summer" OR...Hello...It's been a while! :)

It has been a long time folks...Don't worry, I haven't changed my focus so quickly to decide to no longer write.  I have been SO busy, and I do not know why.  Summer is here, and the times should be know, the lazy days of summer...NOT true for us.  My calendar seems to be less crowded with activities, yet I actually have not had a spare moment to sit down and write a thing.  Why?

1.  I have (with Sophie's help) matched around 200 pairs of socks.  2 full laundry baskets of neglected sock marriages have been made!  This is not an exaggeration; it might be a larger number in all honesty.  Half were Eric's work socks, but still!!!!

2.  I have made more time for friends.  We just hang out at the park with our kids or meet for coffee, but TIME is passing.  Things might not be getting done, but relationships are growing or at least maintaining the same status.

3.  Gardening...little garden on my back deck and a big one at my parents.  Also, my roses look pretty good this year.  Kari's definition of Gardening: God allowing me to be used to SEE His creative creation flourish  as He uses my hands as His artistic medium.  Plus, it feels like free food...although I guess time is the commodity instead of money.

4.  I painted a little, and I have used 3 actual, literal canvases to create some "art" that I needed to get out of my head.  Peace of mind has been achieved to a degree.

5.  I have taken time to just BE which is the example God gave me.  I could call it meditating, I guess...but, it's more like noticing, being awed by thoughts I have, sitting in silence, listening for the sound of God which occurs outdoors, always in nature...alone with God in the place He made for me.

6.  Making hairbows...not a necessary thing, but fun and relaxing.  Cheaper than buying them already, I have 3 girls...and a niece.

7.  Playing games...I rediscovered the game of Life.  My kids started playing it like 5 times a day, so I joined them.  That game is FUN, seriously fun.  Now, Sophie is old enough to understand and play the card game, Spades, very, we can play card games with just our family now!  AND, We are going to have one game night per month and invite others over...June's was a success but was shortened when the neighbors lost their daughters, and we went all over the neighborhood yelling for them and looking for them (they were found hiding under the covers of their parents bed after 10 terrifying minutes...those girls should be thankful that I was not their mama around correction time).

8.  Much more cooking and baking happening in my kitchen, and I am keeping up with all the dishes that this produces!

9.  I am seeing some time creep back into my day for writing which is good.  I gotta finish writing about my bad stuff which seems like ancient history now... :)

10.  Things still on my summer list: finish painting 2 rooms, hang curtains in playroom, move Sophie into the bedroom with Emi to make a room for our exchange student coming in the fall, organize my basement again now that the garage sale is over, and finish the last paperwork to get a couple classes scheduled to actually get my counseling Masters started, get all doctor visits over with for the kids, me, and the dog, AND definitely, positively....keeping up with the sock marriages in my home (i.e.matching socks after each load of laundry).

What is your summer like?  I hope you are making memories whatever you are doing.  If you seem just as busy as ever and cannot figure out why...make a list.  Doing that helped me see what I AM getting done; I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am making a difference, my kids definitely enjoy me more in the summer!

God bless you!  Kari