Monday, June 18, 2012

Sometimes, Mac Powell helps me with parenting...

I remember it like it was just yesterday...Sophie, my middle daughter, and I were in the kitchen baking.  Sophie was 2 years old, almost 3...and quite a cute little spitfire!  Sophie knew that she was right all of the time, and honestly, she was always a couple steps ahead of me.  During our cookie making adventure, Sophie had to put in EVERY ingredient herself, seriously...she did.  Making the cookies was taking twice as long as me doing it myself, and I did not care one bit!  I LOVE spending time with my kids, and to keep my sanity about getting things done around the house too, I usually just invite them to join me in whatever I am already doing at the time.

This particular day when Sophie was two, it was chocolate chip cookies.  One thing Sophie "knew better" than me were the lyrics to her favorite Third Day song which was playing over and over and over on the CD player; Sophie belted out, "you are bootiful, my sweep, sweep are bootiful, my sweep, sweep sog."  No matter how many times I tried to tell Sophie that God is a "sweet, sweet song" and not a "sweep, sweep sog," she sang her version even LOUDER!  When "You are Beautiful, My Sweet, Sweet Song" was written, I know Third Day had NO IDEA that the lyrics would be misinterpreted to stray off topic that much.  The thing is...we STILL talk about that day; Sophie still remembers the day we, just she and I (no big sister) made cookies while we belted out the words with Mac Powell!  

Memories don't have to be perfect to be worthy of remembering.  The cookies took longer to make than usual, and my kid was singing the wrong words to a song....but, it was a perfect memory.

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  1. What is it with 2nd-borns being born with the innate sense that they are always right?? I have one of those, myself! It can definitely have a positive side to it, too. She is very determined, and potty trained herself at 18 months, much to my surprise! (She wanted 'big girl panties'!:o) Now my very determined 2nd born is headed off to college to major in Neuroscience and Biochemistry, and bound to do neurological research to find the cure for something big like Alzheimer's. You go for it, 2nd borns!! Your Sophie is such a treasure, and I'm so glad that you have that sweet memory of baking together. (As well as soooo many others!)