Sunday, May 13, 2012

Changing diapers 7,300 times...per child!

Happy Mother's Day to those of you who have reared a child in the past, present, and the future!  I wish it could be called "Happy Woman's Day" instead because really, all women do some mothering, here and there...or every day!  There are physical children, spiritual children, children of the heart, etc.  If you are a woman and you touch a young life POSITIVELY, then you are nurturing and mothering someone!

Here are some interesting and very fun facts or statistics or whatever you want to call them...anyways, things I found out this week about mothering and having kiddos around!
1.  By the 2nd birthday, a child will have his or her diaper changed 7,300 times.
2.  It takes a woman 2 min. and 5 seconds on average to change a diaper (it takes men less time which is not necessarily a good thing..but can be, I guess)....the point is this: that is three 40 hour work weeks filled with changing diapers per year if you added up all of the time spent changing diapers!
3.  There are 4.3 babies born worldwide every second!
4.  72% of moms with children over the age of 1 work outside of the home which is about the same percent of women who work outside of the home who do not have any children at home...31% of moms with children over the age of 1 worked outside of the home in 1976.
5.  Moms with full time jobs spend 13 hours per day working at the job and doing family chores.
6.  68% of people plan to call their mom on Mother's Day.
7.  The largest recorded birth was in Italy in 1955...22 lbs. and 5 ounces. (Italy uses metric, so I am not sure why I found this statistic in English measure)
8.  Women who give birth later in life, live longer.  (They always say that kids keep you must be true)
9.  A woman in Russia gave birth to 69 children between the years of 1725-1765...I believe she must hold the record for that!
10.  It takes $242,070 to raise one average child in the U.S., that does not include college!
11.  The average household has 2 kids today...3.5 in the 1950's (that statistic is the average, not someone having 3 and a half kids), and 7-10 children in the 1700's.  Times have changed!
12.  One time every 4 seconds, a preschool-aged child needs their mom...that's 210 times each day (waking hours).
13.  Mother's Day is the 2nd Sunday in May and was established as a holiday in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson; the first Mother's Day was observed in 1908 though.
14.  The ratio of girls to boys born is 100 girls to 105 boys.
15.  Mother's Day is the 3rd most popular holiday around the world losing in holiday popularity only to Christmas and Easter!

I hope your Mother's Day is great, whether you are being honored by your kiddos and/or honoring your mother.  This day, in my opinion, is for all the women who impact children.  Teachers, Aunts, Grandmas, Small Group Leaders, Friends' Moms, and so many other women impact my Happy Mother's Day to takes more than me to raise them properly!  You have filled in the mothering gaps where I am not strong.  God put you in our lives, so thank you for mothering my kids along with me!

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